The Southeast Division Open Men’s Tournament ran from March 10th to 15th at the Sun City Center Lawn Bowls Club. The formats were Fours (twelve entrants), Pairs (twenty-four entrants) and Singles (twenty-six entrants).
All participants and full results here.  Pictures here.

Bowler of the Tournament: Garry Watts (Sarasota)





Championship Flight
WINNER – Bud Ricucci (Mt Dora)
2nd – Eric Porr (Sun City Center)
3rd – Bob Fladung (Sun City Center)
4th –  Jim Casper (Sun City Center)






A – Flight
1st – Garry Watts (Sarasota)
2nd – Geoff Old (Sarasota)






B – Flight
1st – Steve Nelson (Asheville)
2nd – Joe Mignogna (Sun City Center)






C – Flight
1st – Carman Morris (Sarasota)
2nd – Larry Johnson (Sun City Center)








D – Flight
1st – John Haggerty (Sun-n-Fun)





Championship Flight
Winner – Garry Watts/ Pat Beggs (Sarasota)
2nd – Jerry Healy / John Damas (Sun City Center)
3rd – Jon Blanchard / Russ Clewly (Sun City Center)
4th – Mike Perkins / Dave Clarke (Sun City Center)

A – Flight
1st – Doug Stenzel/ John Becroft (The Villages)
2nd – Rico Silvestro/ Geoff Old (Sarasota)

B – Flight
1st – Joe Mignogna / Jim Byrne (Sun City Center)
2nd – Alin Lozada / Charles Krips (Sarasota)

C – Flight
1st – Paul Ward / Larry Johnson (Sun City Center)
2nd – Eric Porr / Jim Savage (Sun City Center)

Championship Flight
Winner  – Steve Nelson (Asheville) / Paul Ward (Sun City Center) / Rick Abell (Sun City Center)  / Rich Cleary  (Sun City Center)
2nd –  Carman Morris (Sarasota) / Alin Lozada (Sarasota) / John Hall  (Sarasota) / George Menzies (Sarasota)
3rd – Bob Ferguson (Sun City Center) / Phil Griffin (Sun City Center) /  Carl Zajac (Sun City Center) / Ben Caudill (Sun City Center)
4th – Rico Silvestro (Sarasota) / Geoff Old (Sarasota) / George Ireland (Sarasota) / Brad McCourtney (Sarasota)

A – Flight
1st – Garry Watts (Sarasota) / Pat Beggs (Sarasota) / Ray Ney (Sarasota) / Cal Bechard (Sarasota)
2nd – Bob Fladung (Sun City Center) /  Jim Casper (Sun City Center) / Joe Mattia (Sun City Center) / Russ Clewly (Sun City Center)

B – Flight
1st – Burl Roller (Clearwater) / Ron Ridly (Clearwater) / Larry Hanks (Clearwater) / Duncan Farell (Clearwater)
2nd – Eric Porr (Sun City Center) / Gary Houdek (Sun City Center) / Robert Trautwein (Sun City Center) / Paul Melvin (Sun City Center)

Garry Watts
Bowler of the Tournament

Bud Ricucci

Garry Watts

Steve Nelson

Carman Morris

John Haggerty

Garry Watts & Pat Beggs

Rich Cleary, Rick Abell,
Paul Ward & Steve Nelson