The best players from the Northeast came to Pinehurst to enjoy great competition and camaraderie to have the bragging rights for another year.  The Southeast was represented by Steve Nelson, Dave Kinney, Jeff and Vicki Haidet, Don Dowd, George and Jackie Tucker, Eric Porr, Martha Nilsen, Rusty Hein, Dan Delgarn, Hans Momke, Rich Fitzgerald, Bob Fladung, Barb Mignogna, Sandy Wall and Bud Ricucci.

The Northeast team was comprised of the following:  Ed Last, Scott Snyder Yatish Uchil, Richard Marcus, Susan Berg, Maurice LaFond, Ron Stubing, Robin Goldman, Colin Edgar, Dan Berg, Bob Patterson, Ryan Hastu, Duncan Farrell, Joe Kelly, Joan Miller, and Barry Kessler.  Colin Smith was unable to play but was the Umpire for the tournament.

The Southeast started the first day with pairs and triples and made their mark by winning 13 of the 18 matches but the Northeast came back strong on the second day with Singles and Fours.  They dominated the Fours matches but because of the advantage gained by the Southeast on Day 1 and the Singles matches, they were unable to make enough of a comeback to win back the Motta Trophy.  This tournament has been played since 2000 and the record has been close.  The Southeast now leads 10 to 7 since 2 years were cancelled due to Hurricanes.

Trophy to SED

Colin Smith (2017 Hall of Famer and NED coordinator) presents the Motta Trophy to the Southeast Division.

SED Players

Southeast Division Players

NED Players

Northeast Division Players