This year, the Southeast Division Open, Women’s Tournament ran from March 4th to 9th at the Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club.  Fifty ladies compete in Singles, Pairs and Fours.

Bowler of the Tournament: Cindy Higgins  (Sun City Center)

1. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)
2. Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS)
3. Lynda Miller (Sarasota)
4. Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)

A Flight
1. Sue Abbott (Sarasota)
2. Mary Meldrum (Brantford, ON)

B Flight
1. Lena Cameron (Lakeland)
2. Heather Comba (Maple Leaf)

C Flight
1. Jackie Williamson (Mount Dora)
2. Jackie Hall (Sarasota)

1. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) / Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)
2. Maureen Boudreau (Dartmouth NS) / Sue Abbott (Sarasota)
3. Heather Comba (Maple Leaf) / Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf)
4. Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS) / Sharon Farrish (St. Mary’s ON)

A Flight
1. Sandy Wall (OTOW) / Marj Kells (OTOW)
2. Terrie Boyd (Mount Dora) / Jackie Williamson (Mount Dora)

B Flight
1. Mary Meldrum (Brantford, ON)/ Val Bechard (Bedford, NS)
2. Lynda Miller (Sarasota) / Clare Morris (Sarasota)

C Flight
1. Christine Garbett (Lakeland) / Ursula Cooney (Lakeland)
2. Barb Smith (Mount Dora) / Jan Kline (Mount Dora)

1. Christine Garbett (Lakeland) /Lena Cameron (Lakeland) / Ursula Cooney (Lakeland) / Audrey Ney (Lakeland)
2. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) / Chris Heller (Sun City Center) /  Cassie Krowl (Sun City Center) / Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)
3. Mary Meldrum (Brantford, ON) / Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS) /  Val Bechard (Bedford, NS) / Sharon Farrish (St. Mary’s ON)
4. Kathy Smith (Maple Leaf)  / Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf) / Pat McEvoy (Sun City Center) / Heather Comba (Maple Leaf)

A Flight
1. Sandy Wall (OTOW) / Margo Pelliccio (Sarasota) / Marj Kells (OTOW) / Rusty Hein (Sarasota)
2. Barb Mignogna (Sun City Center) / Kathy Gonnella (Sun City Center) / Lynn Cranch (Sun City Center)  / June Eva Paciga (Clearwater)

B Flight
1. Flo Barclay (Sarasota) / Jeannette Street (Sarasota) / Laurie Holder (Sarasota)/ Wendy Brayman (Sarasota)

Cindy Higgins

Cindy Higgins and Carol Finlayson

Audrey Ney, Lena Cameron,
Christine Garbett, Ursula Cooney

Other Tournament Results

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