The Southeast Division Open Men’s Tournament ran from March 4th to 9th at the Clearwater Lawn Bowls Club. The formats were Singles (twenty-two entrants), Pairs (sixteen entrants) and Triples (twelve entrants).

Bowler of the Tournament: Burl Roller

Championship Flight
WINNER – Burl Roller
2nd – Ronald Ridley
3rd – Garry Watts
4th – Gary Williamson

A – Flight
1st – Bud Ricucci
2nd – James Wyatt

B – Flight
1st – Steve Nelson
2nd – Brian Myers

C – Flight
1st – Duncan Farrell
2nd – Hans Momkes

Championship Flight
Winner – John Williams / Dave Murray
2nd – Steve Nelson / Roger Parkin
3rd – Hans Momkes / Jon Peele
4th – Tom Barrett / Bob Laplante

A – Flight
1st – Burl Roller / Carman Morris
2nd – Larry Hanks / Wayne Harding

B – Flight
1st – Duncan Farrell / Ronald Ridley
2nd – Roy McCartney / Brian Myers

Championship Flight
Winner  – Patrick Duffy / Sam Johnson / Garry Watts
2nd – Steve Nelson / Burl Roller / Roger Parkin
3rd – Duncan Farrell / Carman Morris / Bruce Miller
4th – Ron OSullivan / Joe Mignogna / Jim Byrne

A – Flight
1st – Louis Vazquez / Gary Grant / Bill Molly
2nd – Roy McCartney / Jack Clayton / Brian Myers

B – Flight
1st – John Williams / Dave Murray / Arthur Allen
2nd – Rick Fitzgerald / Joey Mills / Stan Boyd

burl roller

Burl Roller

willams murray

John Williams and Dave Murray

Patrick Duffy, Sam Johnson and Garry Watts

Other Tournament Results

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