This year, the Southeast Division Open, Women’s Tournament ran from March 3rd to 9th at the Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club.  Fifty-six ladies competed in Singles, Pairs and Fours. Participants and Full Results   Pictures here

Bowler of the Tournament: Judy Bacon (Sarasota)

1. Judy Bacon (Sarasota)
2. Kathy Smith (Maple Leaf)
3. Val Bechard (Dartmouth NS)
4. Lena Cameron (Lakeland)

A Flight
1. Hazel Joffe (Willowdale ON)
2. Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf)

B Flight
1. Heather Comba (Maple Leaf)
2. Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS)

C Flight
1. Jackie Williamson (Mount Dora)
2. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)

D Flight
1. Ann Marie Siteman (Dartmouth NS)

1. Sandy Wall (World Parkway) and Cathy Mills (World Parkway)
2. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) and Carol Finlayson (Midland ON)
3. Judy Bacon (Sarasota) and Sue Abbott (Sarasota)
4. Heather Comba (Maple Leaf) and Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf)

Flight A
1. Barb Mignogna (Sun City Center) and Donna Blaine (Sun City Center)
2. Rusty Hein (Sarasota) and June Paciga (Sun City Center)

Flight B
1. Gail McWade (Sarasota) and Helen Leroux (Sarasota)
2. Donna LaBlanc (Sarasota)  and Hazel Joffe

Flight C
1 . Maureen Boudreau (Sarasota) and Jeannette Street (Sarasota)
2. Mary Meldrum (Brampton ON) and Val Bechard (Dartmouth NS)

1. Debbie Foster (Bridgetown NS) /Val Bechard (Dartmouth NS) / Sharon Farish  (St.Marys ON) / Mary Meldrum (Brampton ON)
2. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) / Chris Heller (Sun City Center) /  Cassie Krowl (Sun City Center) / Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)
3. Christine Garbett (The Villages) /Lena Cameron (Lakeland) / Janice Sharp (The Villages) / Ann Marie Siteman (Dartmouth NS)
4. Clare Morris (Sarasota)  / Sue Abbott (Sarasota) / Judy Bacon (Sarasota) / Hazel Joffe Willowdale)

A Flight
1. Kathy Smith (Maple Leaf)  / Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf) / Val McWilliams (Glenridge ON) / Heather Comba (Maple Leaf)
2. Sally Mills (Sarasota) / Maureen Boudreau  (Sarasota)/ Wendy Brayman (Sarasota)/ Jeannette Street (Sarasota)

B Flight
1. Barb Mignogna (Sun City Center) / Donna Blaine (Sun City Center) / Ava Casper (Sun City Center)  / Diann Thomas (Sun City Center)

Judy Bacon – Bowler  of the Tournament
First place – Singles

Cathy Mills and Sandy Wall

Val Bechard, Sharon Farish,
Mary Meldrum  and Debbie Foster